Unit 1105 

Category: layer    dug in 1995
Area: North 
Interpretive Categories: room fill 
Data Category Information: Location: building; Deposition: homogeneous
Dimensions: 1x1m 
Discussion: Mixed room fill. Ash lens in SW corner (1107) appears to be slice of lenses not yet on surface. 
Execution: trowel, small pick 
Consistency: moderately strong 
Colour: 10YR 5/2 - 6/3 
Texture: silty clay loam 
Bedding: massive 
Inclusions: white plaster 2-5%, <3cm; burnt brick %, <3cm; charred plants 2 - 30%, <2cm 
Post-depositional Features: many fine-medium roots 
Basal Boundary: diffuse wavy 
Unit Stratigraphy (as recorded in the field):
above: (Click to view the record) 1130 
below: (Click to view the record) 1100 
equal to:none 
Dry sieve volume: 15 
Total Deposit Volume: 15 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Settlement Phase:
Associated Mellaart Levels (from Space): Unassigned at present 
Associated Hodder Level (from Space): NORTH.?G 
Buildings: (Click to view the record)

Spaces: (Click to view the record)



Finds Room Information:
All material from site passes through the finds room for washing and separating before it is passed onto the various lab teams. The finds room keeps a basic inventory of what is found. A finds material type list is given here. Further analytical detail maybe provided by the Lab Team data below.
X Finds Material: nothing recorded  
Finds Material Stored: Building Material,Charcoal,Faunal 
Lab Team Data

Please note the list below does not represent everything that might have been found in this Unit, but represents the datasets we have available on-line. Please contact us to obtain more information about this Unit.

ArchaeoBots Sample Recorded: No
Ceramic Records: Yes
Ceramics GID List: (Click to view the record)

Clay Object Records: No
Chipped Stone Records: No
Conservation Recorded: No
Faunal Records: Yes
Count of records:: 11 
Unit description: A very small unit with mixture of bone colours: some fawn, some darker brown and some burnt. Surfaces of bone are matte (not at all shiny) and covered with a mud-brick-like film. Last record = 11.
Figurine Records: No
GroundStone Records: No
Heavy Residue Records: No
Microfaunal Records: No
Sorry not all of this data is available online at present, please contact us if you are particularly interested microfauna records
Phytolith Sample: No
Sorry not all of this data is available online at present, please contact us if you are particularly interested phytolith samples
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