Unit 1107 

Category: layer    dug in 1995
Area: North 
Interpretive Categories: ash layer 
Data Category Information: Location: building; Description: general; Material: occupation; Deposition: multiple
Dimensions: 55x30x4cm 
Discussion: Ash lens continuing as 1108 towards FI in corner. Whole context to wet-sieve/flotation 
Execution: trowel 
Consistency: weak 
Colour: 2.5YR 2.5/0 black 
Texture: ash 
Bedding: massive 
Inclusions: white plaster <2%, <3cm; brick 5%, <5cm; charred plants 80-90% 
Post-depositional Features: many fine roots 
Basal Boundary: diffuse wavy 
Unit Stratigraphy (as recorded in the field):
above: (Click to view the record) 1178, 1172, 1236, 1239, 1148 
below: (Click to view the record) 1100 
equal to: (Click to view the record) 1108, 1171 
Dry sieve volume:
Total Deposit Volume:
Number of Samples recorded by excavator: 1
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Settlement Phase:
Associated Mellaart Levels (from Space): Unassigned at present 
Associated Hodder Level (from Space): NORTH.?G 
Buildings: (Click to view the record)

Spaces: (Click to view the record)



Finds Room Information:
All material from site passes through the finds room for washing and separating before it is passed onto the various lab teams. The finds room keeps a basic inventory of what is found. A finds material type list is given here. Further analytical detail maybe provided by the Lab Team data below.
X Finds Material: nothing recorded  
Finds Material Stored: Building Material,Faunal,Heavy Residue,Obsidian,shell,Stone 
Lab Team Data

Please note the list below does not represent everything that might have been found in this Unit, but represents the datasets we have available on-line. Please contact us to obtain more information about this Unit.

ArchaeoBots Sample Recorded: No
Ceramic Records: No
Clay Object Records: No
Chipped Stone Records: Yes
Count of records:: 2 
Conservation Recorded: No
Faunal Records: Yes
Count of records:: 7 
Unit description: >4mm flotation (no sample number on tag) recorded completely. Small sample, all sheep-size. Almost half are burnt, high and low temperature. Quite fragmented, no sign of gnawing or digestion. Somewhat weathered. Last number = 7
Figurine Records: No
GroundStone Records: No
Heavy Residue Records: Yes
Count of records:: 1 
Microfaunal Records: No
Sorry not all of this data is available online at present, please contact us if you are particularly interested microfauna records
Phytolith Sample: No
Sorry not all of this data is available online at present, please contact us if you are particularly interested phytolith samples
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