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The Çatalhöyük site is made up of two mounds, the East Mound and the West Mound. Each mound is then sub-divided into smaller areas which are given names for location purposes. As part of our work placing the site in its landscape context we do also carry out surveys around the two mounds and we refer to this work as "off-site."

Clicking in the areas marked on the image or on an area name below the image will allow you to view further information about that area. Please note the areas marked on the image are approximations and intended only as guides.

East Mound - Area REC East Mound - Area South East Mound - Area IST East Mound - Area SP East Mound - Area TP East Mound - Area North East Mound - Area Kopal East Mound - Area Dighouse Area SEL West Mound
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