Building 54

Area: North 


Location: center of 4040 


B54 was constructed next to the southern wall of 58 and next to the eastern wall of 57, which could be an indicator of contemporaneity. It could also be later since the floor level in 54 is a lot higher than in the other two.This is also the reason for almost all the floors to be erroded away and so we only got to excavate some fetures preserved in S264 and the burriels under the floors. We exposed the walls of buildings underneath, so now walls of B54 should be excavated. We only managed to remove 2138 by the end of this season , the rest of them being left for next year. 


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Image of Building 54 Building 101


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Number of Related Diary Entries: 0

Conservation Recorded: No

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Space Numbers Related to this Building: (Click to view the record)

264, 265, 266 
Feature Numbers Related to this Building: (Click to view the record)

2019 (other)
2030 (burial)
2036 (floors)
2033 (bin)
2037 (burial)
2138 (wall)
2154 (burial)
2156 (burial)
2158 (burial)
2159 (burial)
2163 (wall)
2164 (wall)
2165 (wall)
2166 (wall)
2167 (wall)
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