Feature 162

Area: Bach 
Dug in Year: 1998 
Feature Type: platform 
Location: NW corner of space 86 
Grid X: 1055.3  Grid Y: 1181.26
Platform was defined at the end of 1998 season when fill on top of it was removed. It was built in the NW corner of space 86 and was the highest of the three platforms in the northern part of space 86. It is characterised by a clear rim around its eastern and southern edge and thick plaster layers. Obvious relationship with red wall plaster of F. 160 (eastern side) and the thick red plastered north wall (F. 174).
The platfrom was cut at least 4 times by burial cuts (F. 617, 634, 644, 647). In Byzantine times it was cut by grave in its northern side. South of the grave over the platform was the roof collapse. Even in 1997 it was suspected that a platform lay not far below the concentration of falllen white plaster (unit #2202).
In lower part of the fill (unit #2269) fragments of red painted plaster were included. At this level the eastern wall of the platform was visible. The roof collapsed onto the floor just south of the platform. To the north of the roof is vertical fallen plaster and roof. This means that the layers above the platform floor are collapsed north wall.
The NW corner of this platform is always characterised by the same powdery plaster as the north part of F. 173 - maybe it represents eroded or broken down floors by some weathering action (units #2221, 2259, 2269).
In 2000 floor #2 was removed - white plaster with white packing underneath. Edges were taken off separately.
Three micromorphology samples were taken from the western side of the burial cut. 
In situ Conservation: No 
Lifted: No 
Feature Relationships:
abuts: (Click to view the record) 174, 606 
below: (Click to view the record) 160, 173 
cut by: (Click to view the record) 153, 617, 634, 644, 647 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Conservation Recorded: No
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No. Of Units in this Feature:  63  (Click here to view unit list)
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