Feature 614

Area: Bach 
Dug in Year: 1999 
Feature Type: post retrieval pit 
Location: at the south end of the screen wall (F.601) 
Grid X: 1053.92  Grid Y: 1185.69
Cut that was made during the construction of pillar F. 164. At first the cut was interpreted as a post-retrieval pit, but now it's clear that this was not the case. The cut was made in order to set in place the pillar (F.164) for the screen wall. The cut also contained a post that was supporting the whole construction or more likely that had a decorative function. I say decorative because the pillar seems to be very stirring - made of bricks and would not need a support of such a post. Especially because the radius of the post was less than 20 cm. Also the cut is not very deep in comparison with other two post-retrieval pits. Finally, it can be seen that the cut was filled with rubble which surrounds the base of the pillar. 
In situ Conservation: No 
Lifted: No 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Conservation Recorded: No
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