Feature 631

Area: Bach 
Dug in Year: 2000 
Feature Type: burial 
Location: N-E platform 
Grid X: 1056.82  Grid Y: 1189.12
Burial, located in the center of the N-E platform. The shape of the burial cut is oval and aligned N to S. Contents of lid, several layers of floors and packing, infill, skeleton. The cut (#6280) was very clear when 4 layers of floors removed from the platform surface.
For the description of the burial lid, upper fill and fill around the skeleton see unit sheets.
Photo numbers: 2000 T 4. 12-17, 24, 25; 2000 T 600. 15-17; 2000 T 6. 10, 20, 21; 2000 T 7. 11-12; 2000 T 9. 11-14
Micromorphology samples taken (S1 and S2). 
In situ Conservation: No 
Lifted: No 
Feature Relationships:
cuts: (Click to view the record) 173 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Conservation Recorded: No
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No. Of Units in this Feature:  5  (Click here to view unit list)
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