Feature 641

Area: Bach 
Dug in Year: 2000 
Feature Type: fire installation 
Location: on E-W bulk, S-E part of F. 606, central floor area 
Grid X: 1055.46  Grid Y: 1186.94
Recognized in the E-W baulk of F. 606. It is some sort of onstruction made up against the east face of the west wall. Fill containes mixture of orange clay, white plaster and some packing underneath. A stone was found next to this feature. The cut had an outer layer of plaster.
This was probably one of many similar fire installations found in central area in different phases, all serving for heating the house. 
In situ Conservation: No 
Lifted: No 
Feature Relationships:
cuts: (Click to view the record) 606 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Conservation Recorded: No
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No. Of Units in this Feature:  2  (Click here to view unit list)
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