Feature 648

Area: Bach 
Dug in Year: 2000 
Feature Type: burial 
Location: N-W quad of F. 606 
Grid X: 1054.7  Grid Y: 1187.81
The skeleton seems to be related to other skeleton (unit 6682, F. 756) by looking at the cut; it was dug as one single cut; it seems that the two children are buried at the same time.
No grave goods, but phytolliths remains were found on the chin. Maybe a child was binded with something.
Animal hole disturbed a few lumbar vertebrae. 
In situ Conservation: No 
Lifted: No 
Feature Relationships:
abuts?: (Click to view the record) 756 
cuts: (Click to view the record) 606, 757 
Number of Related Diary Entries: 0
Conservation Recorded: No
Buildings: (Click to view the record)

Spaces: (Click to view the record)

No. Of Units in this Feature:  4  (Click here to view unit list)
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