Space Number:  240

Area: North  


Within Building Number:  


Mellaart Level: Unassigned at present 

Hodder Level: North.I 

Additional Phase Info: 4040.I = Surface eroded structures, generally phase uncertain, overlying 4040.H. Sp. 240 part of the midden Sp.60/Sp.271 sequence of multiple sub phases. Prior to the introduction of the Hodder phases Sp.240 had been allocated to Mellaart Level IV-III very crudely based on comparison of the material assemblage but Mellaart levels of buildings/spaces NOT excavated in the 1960s have been removed to allow an independent assessment on phasing. NB/Work in progress. Correct as of date entered or modified. 


Image of Space 240


Open area bounded by zones of buidings dating to VI and later to north and IV - III to south therefore uncertain date range of activity (SF).

LY 29-06-09 an external space formed when retaining walls built around southern side of Sp.241

Also includes FT 13 and eastern end of southern beam slot (SF 07.11.10) 


Number of Related Diary Entries: 0

Conservation Recorded: Yes
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1752 (wall)
1753 (floors)
1754 (wall)
1755 (wall)
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