Space Number:  279

Area: North  


Within Building Number:  


Mellaart Level: Unassigned at present 

Hodder Level: North.I 

Additional Phase Info: 4040.I = Surface eroded structures, generally phase uncertain, overlying 4040.H. Sequence of middens Sp.279 NB/Work in progress. Correct as of date entered or modified. 


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Shape and dimensions:
N-S = 5.50m
E-W = 5.00m

Location and form:
External space

Phase plans:


The area of building 64 was subsequently used as an external space. Following the abandonment of building 64 a series of pits were dug probably to extract building materials for use in the maufacture of mudbricks. The extent of the space is delimited by the extent of the pitting to the north and east, the turncation of the foundation trench of building 41 to the south and the L.D.E. for 2006 to the east. One large pit was excavated in 2005 to the east and probably represents the age of this activity area.

In the first phase a serie sof intercutting its were dug and left open (see photo).
In phase 2 the pits were used for the disposal of rubbish and a thick series of midden layers built up.
In phase 3 a single large pit was dug and was again used to extract building material. This pit was rapidly backfilled by shovelling midden into the cut
In phase 4 the midden was again used as a midden dump and midden formed over the entire space.

LY 22/07/06

SMc 08/07/07: eastern extent of pits excavated (pit [13148], see sheet) plan 07/603 


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Conservation Recorded: No

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2031 (burial)
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