Space Number:  284

Area: IST  


Within Building Number: 63 


Mellaart Level: Unassigned at present 

Hodder Level: IST.Unassigned 

Additional Phase Info: Prior to the introduction of the Hodder phases Sp.284 had been allocated to Mellaart Level V - IV however Mellaart levels of buildings/spaces NOT excavated in the 1960s have been removed to allow an independent assessment on phasing. NB/Work in progress. Correct as of date entered or modified. 


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284:The space of Building 63
Probably the living space,with platforms and a compact mud plastered floor.
It is directly related to Sp.285,the NE section of the building without a division/partition wall.The N end of the platform is accepted as the limit of Sp.284.Acces to the space is unknown.The kerb an W is a late addition,the early phase could have an acces to 283.

Belongs to Phase 2(Phase 1has not been excavated yet)
The kerb (F1989) indicate that the present features(the platforms)are constructed in the late phase.
Since the platforms can not be located in the middle of a space and since the kerb clearly a late addition,we think that the platform and the floor of 284 belong to the late phase. 


Number of Related Diary Entries: 7


Conservation Recorded: No

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Feature Numbers Related to this Space: (Click to view the record)

1958 (wall)
1989 (kerb between 283&284)
1993 (platform)
1994 (platform)
1995 (fire installation)
2305 (fire installation)
2310 (floors)
2313 (basin)
2315 (kerb)
2316 (kerb)
2317 (bench)
2319 (floors)
2322 (other)
2328 (bench)
2333 (platform)
No. Of Units in this Space: 35  (Click to view unit list)

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