Space Number:  302

Area: IST  


Within Building Number:  


Mellaart Level: Unassigned at present 

Hodder Level: IST.Unassigned 

Additional Phase Info: Prior to the introduction of the Hodder phases Sp.302 had been allocated to Mellaart Level V - IV however Mellaart levels of buildings/spaces NOT excavated in the 1960s have been removed to allow an independent assessment on phasing. NB/Work in progress. Correct as of date entered or modified. 


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Sp.302 is the south room of Sp.301.They are divided from each other by a partition(?) wall F.2304.
A level of uneven plaster may come out as the destroyed floor of the space .In the middle is a squarish pillar-like (?) structure (horizantal) plastered on sides and rounded corners at 1004.45m. 


Number of Related Diary Entries: 1


Conservation Recorded: No

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2304 (wall)
No. Of Units in this Space: 4  (Click to view unit list)

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