Space Number:  306

Area: North  


Within Building Number:  


Mellaart Level: Unassigned at present 

Hodder Level: North.Post-Chalcolithic 

Additional Phase Info: redeposited midden that post dates a 'late wall'. NB/Work in progress. Correct as of date entered or modified. 


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defined as the area to the south of the late foundation trench and east of wall F.2553 which is a building to the west. To the east the space runs up to the LOE for 2006 and would have continued into the area that was not investigated in 2005.
The upper layers in this area were redepoisted midden that had formed against a late wall, F.2253. Below the redeposited midden was midden that extended under a Neolithic wall in the SW of the excavation trench and therefore the area was left so that the building and external areas were not excavated out of sequence (LY) 


Number of Related Diary Entries: 2


Conservation Recorded: No

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2552 (wall)
No. of Units in this Space: 0 

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