The Challenges of Conservation at Çatalhöyük

Conservators at work at Ҫatalhöyük
Some of the Conservation Team at work in Building 80 during the 2012 field season. Photo by Scott Haddow.

Article by Katrina Gargett

It has always occurred to me that conservation must be one of the most daunting and challenging aspects of excavating a site. This is particularly true when the site is internationally recognised through UNESCO World Heritage inscription, where so many parties have an interest in its protection and management. So when I had the chance to work at Ҫatalhöyük during the 2015 field season I knew I wanted to discover more about the challenges of conservation. With this in mind I drafted some rough questions, and sat down with Ashley Lingle, Head of Conservation, to see what I could find out about the type of work she and her team do...

Presenting Çatalhöyük to the World

Visualisation Team
The Visualisation Team on site during the 2016 excavation season. The team works in concert with many key project specialists, including the Database Team Lead, the site's Illustrator, Photographer, Project Coordinator and associated professionals, to develop resources about Çatalhöyük for various audiences.

Çatalhöyük is an electrifying place. For more than a half-century it has inspired archaeologists, other researchers, authors, artists and general audiences globally to think, write, picture and dream about the many generations of people who lived here more than 9000 years ago. The site has been the subject of books, videos, comics, exhibitions, postcards, fine artworks, songs, board games, and even fashion shows. More so, it has given rise to thousands of illustrations and photographs, and more recently, digital models, which circulate around the world, sparking myths, conversations and reimaginings of Çatalhöyük...

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