Studies in Human-Thing Entanglement

Studies in Human-Thing Entanglement

This book, published only online, explores further the entanglements between humans and things. It contains theoretical and methodological developments including a redefinition of human-thing entanglement and the application of formal network analysis. The book also contains a series of case-studies regarding the formation of settled life in the Middle East, the adoption of agriculture, and the study of power and poverty, creativity and religion. The book ends with a critical dialogue regarding the issues raised by studies of entanglement.

Read Ian Hodder's new book on entanglement, only available online:

Virtually rebuilding Çatalhöyük

Meet Corinth’s educational project “Virtually rebuilding Çatalhöyük” conducted in cooperation with Ian Hodder from Stanford University and Nicola Lercari from University of California, USA. The project has been included into Corinth’s digital educational tool Corinth Classroom, which consist of thematic content libraries used in thousands of schools in 109 countries all over the globe.

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