Virtual reconstruction of 'Shrine' 10.VIB

Çatalhöyük is a prehistoric site located in central Turkey that dates back to the beginning of the seventh millennium B.C. Çatalhöyük is made of two different mounds— the Neolithic East Mound has been recently dated close to the 7100 B.C., while the Chalcolithic West Mound includes settlements from the early 5600 B.C. circa.

In 2015 a joint effort between UC Merced, Stanford University, and Corinth brought Çatalhöyük back to life. The digital simulation of Shrine 10 sequence visualizes building variation of three Neolithic houses—specifically, Mellaart’s Shrine 10.VII, Shrine 10.VIB, and Shrine 10.VIA, that were rebuilt multiple times in the same place (History houses).

date recorded: 
Monday, August 24, 2015
Nicola Lercari

Virtually Rebuilding Çatalhöyük History Houses - Shrine 10 VIB

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